Comodo Cloud Antivirus - Beta v1.11.416695.495

Hi All,
This is 2nd CCAV Beta build on top of previous CCAV beta build v492.

Following is new addition:

  • This version fully supports Microsoft Edge browser in Sandbox. You can test it using latest Windows 10 Creators update.

Carrying from previous Beta v492:
1. Crash Reporting: Comodo Cloud Antivirus will detect crash of one of it’s applications and offer user to upload crash and other diagnostic data by showing dialog as shown in enclosed snap Crash_Reporting.png

2. Improved Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUA) Detection: We have created a back-end infrastructure that is analyzing domains in the wild and able to classify some of domains as PUA domains, which are short lived and mainly generate PUA files. You will see such detection via that cloud driven heuristic as shown in enclosed snap: PUA_Detection.png

3. Controlling Network Activity of Sandboxed Applications: As a first towards providing some form of network control over applications running in Sandbox, we have introduced following two check boxes under Sandbox settings:

  • Block incoming connections to Sandboxed applications
  • Block outgoing connections from Sandboxed applications

These are disabled by default and best suited for Advanced users at the moment:
Above options are confined to TCP traffic only and thus focusing on controlling data oriented network traffic only.
So other protocols like UDP/ICMP, are still allowed.
In next sprints, based on feedback, we will be aiming:

  • To cover all protocols
  • Allowing applications based exclusions
  • Creating Advanced installation option where user can change these defaults

This is without introducing network Firewall and still letting Advanced users control to some extent network activities of Sandboxed applications.
Aim has been to keep things light and still provide a degree of control.

4- Copy any shortcuts created by Sandboxed applications to my desktop: This check box is present under Sandbox settings. This feature has been enabled by default. Now you have a control over this and can de-select if you don’t want that default behavior.

5 - “Ask for Unknown Applications” setting in Sandbox was not working as expected in Windows 10 Creators update, as had been reported in below post:

6 - Sandbox alert layout has been changed as per following wishlist item, thanks BlueTesta:

7 - Jump to Folder: When you see file path listing, this option was not available in some of places e.g. “Being Analyzed” section, now you should see it across all places.

BETA - Warning:
Following setup is a BETA setup and it is not recommended to test on production machine and it is intended only for beta testers.
So please try at your own risk.

Size: 8.73 MB (9,163,160 bytes)
MD5: 4e9eaef7f9e397b8316bf560b059383c
SHA1: 75c2d2e92541a2732a66b2cf5e68efbd125736d8

If all goes well, we will be releasing to production coming Tuesday, 9th May, 2017.

Any feedback is highly appreciated.

Note: Drivers in this build are not signed, so you might want to disable driver signature enforcement using tips as given in link here.


Very Good, umesh! :-TU

Apps starts faster with this version?

Please try.

I have installed this version and it seems it. :slight_smile:

Are there other changes besides the edge browser support?

Sandbox renamed to Containment in CIS, dont you think, should be renamed in CCAV too?

That’s the main fix over last beta.

At some point, yes.

I did not have this issue with the last build, but with this version every time I reboot, I have to double click the desktop shortcut for CCAV otherwise I do not get the system tray icon and the second process does not run.

v505 is released: