Comodo Cloud Antivirus - Beta v1.11.416296.492

We are pleased to announce Beta release of Comodo Cloud Antivirus v1.11.416296.492.

1. Crash Reporting: Comodo Cloud Antivirus will detect crash of one of it’s applications and offer user to upload crash and other diagnostic data by showing dialog as shown in enclosed snap Crash_Reporting.png

2. Improved Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUA) Detection: We have created a back-end infrastructure that is analyzing domains in the wild and able to classify some of domains as PUA domains, which are short lived and mainly generate PUA files. You will see such detection via that cloud driven heuristic as shown in enclosed snap: PUA_Detection.png

3. Controlling Network Activity of Sandboxed Applications: As a first towards providing some form of network control over applications running in Sandbox, we have introduced following two check boxes under Sandbox settings:

  • Block incoming connections to Sandboxed applications
  • Block outgoing connections from Sandboxed applications

These are disabled by default and best suited for Advanced users at the moment:
Above options are confined to TCP traffic only and thus focusing on controlling data oriented network traffic only.
So other protocols like UDP/ICMP, are still allowed.
In next sprints, based on feedback, we will be aiming:

  • To cover all protocols
  • Allowing applications based exclusions
  • Creating Advanced installation option where user can change these defaults

This is without introducing network Firewall and still letting Advanced users control to some extent network activities of Sandboxed applications.
Aim has been to keep things light and still provide a degree of control.

4- Copy any shortcuts created by Sandboxed applications to my desktop: This check box is present under Sandbox settings. This feature has been enabled by default. Now you have a control over this and can de-select if you don’t want that default behavior.

5 - “Ask for Unknown Applications” setting in Sandbox was not working as expected in Windows 10 Creators update, as had been reported in below post:

6 - Sandbox alert layout has been changed as per following wishlist item, thanks BlueTesta:

7 - Jump to Folder: When you see file path listing, this option was not available in some of places e.g. “Being Analyzed” section, now you should see it across all places.

BETA - Warning:
Following setup is a BETA setup and it is not recommended to test on production machine and it is intended only for beta testers.
So please try at your own risk.

Setup Details:
Size: 8.67 MB (9,099,592 bytes)
SHA-1: fd5dc76e34c0f8741c822bb001c294dd5553f4cb
MD-5: 7e7c43b52ee737f303e2f4989a32bc02

Based on feedback, we will make a decision about release next week.

Our goal on CCAV is to keep it lightest, fastest, simplest(no extensive configurations) and most effective prevention product for consumers with it’s default deny architecture and direct Valkyrie integration.

Thank you for all your support.

Any feedback is highly appreciated.


Thank you, umesh! :-TU :-TU :-TU

Thanks! :-TU

Congrats on the release :-TU Lots of nice improvements

Thank you, will install shortly and let you know of any issues I notice.

well, i think i can say that ccav is becoming the new cis, but lighter and simpler… right?

keep the great work on and on!!!

cannot test this build right now as im on production machine and the home machine is full of business with something else. when this becomes final ill remove cis from my prod machine and go for it…

one thing i would love to see on ccav is an option to make “block” or “allow” rules for several files at once when one main file gets sandboxed…

ex.: i run some gome and the main exe gets sandboxed. I intend to allow it to run without restrictions and I trust the files that come from it. so on the sandbox dialog i check one option to allow the main file and its child files to run without restrictions.

this could be good because sometimes we know lots of child files will be sandboxed even when we trust then and allow the main exe to run… this could make things simpler for us/me :stuck_out_tongue:

Good point block internet in/out connections on sandbox.

ex.: i run some gome and the main exe gets sandboxed. I intend to allow it to run without restrictions and I trust the files that come from it. so on the sandbox dialog i check one option to allow the main file and its child files to run without restrictions.
Good point! Noted.

It takes so much time for CCAV to show his face in desktop and sys tray. I know protection starts at very early stages of reboot. Just want to say.

Thanks for the release :-TU

nice addon :-TU
in my opinion, the only option should be to either allow or block every connection (it means, every protocol in and out).
for more granular rules and to manage non sandboxed apps, you still would need a 2-way firewall

It seems that they support Edge now.
However, still missing here:

Is slowness for 2nd and next re-starts also?

We are still working on fully supporting Edge, may be in next release.

I tested it, I went to a phishing link. Result on the screenshot.

I tested on VMware Workstation

I can send a link for verification

Hi megaherz33,
Seems you are seeing some Adware in the form of ransom ware.
What’s the point with reference to CCAV?


Other AB block the link.

Hi megaherz33,
We don’t have phishing / malicious URL protection in CCAV yet.

It is being worked upon in CIS. We will have it soon.


Hi, umesh!
I know that there is no phishing protection.

What will be, it’s excellent!

Good luck to the team Сomodo Group

you can use CDome Shield…does all that plus more!!!

Cisco charges $38 a year for what we give for free!!!

Thank you, Melih!
Installed, we’ll see.