Comodo Cloud Antivirus - Beta v1.10.411759.465

Hi All,
We are happy to announce Beta release of CCAV that is solely aimed at improving system performance both boot time and post-boot time.

Setup URL:
SHA-1: 413111c734480ebe81340e410c75ed234e4982af

Here is change list:


  • Now system performance should be at par with CIS


  • Default exclusion of recycle-bin folder path has been removed from AV exclusion. You can always add it if you want it.

Minor Reported Fixes

  • In case you had Sandbox setting set to “Ask for untrusted applications” and you execute a malware that is quarantined by user, you could still get Sandbox alert after that.
  • GUI issue fixes: at times some of alerts could have buttons that could be half visible.

What we are looking through this beta testing?
In case you find performance better, please report :slight_smile: and in case you still find it’s performance slow compare to CIS, please report following data:

Diagnostic Report: You can click on help icon and select “Diagnostics Report” menu and generate report.

In case system is slow to boot, please take steps as defined in following post:

In case during post boot scenario you find any activity to be slow, please take steps as defined in following post:

You can PM me links of files after sharing through any file sharing sites e.g. google drive

We will appreciate if you could please try it out and give your feedback so we could decide on release of this version and in case there are problems, we can work with you to fix and then make release.

We are committed to provide a better product with every release.

Thank you very much

good job guys!

You are making sure CCAV is one amazing product!!! Even CIA call is PITA : ) How CIA Hackers Rate Your Computer's Antivirus

:-TU ;D

Thanks devs :-TU 8)

;D :rocks: :Jiggy:

Upgraded and working OK.

I dont know if system performance has been improved because last version already runs very light and this version runs very light too.

I have been doing a system unit full scan and it seems to run faster than last version. I have done a complet uninstall/install to test that.

I think that definitely it is an excelent product. :-TU

This is the fastest full scan ever :-TU Even condiser other vendors, CCAV is the fastest.

Umesh is a man on a mission!!!
To make CCAV the Fastest, the most secure, easiest to use AV in the world!!!

I have full confidence in his ability to make it happen.

is that a way to add files on some sort of “full user selection” list of trusted and ignored files? some way that the file will be indeed ignored as trusted and will not lookup at valkyrie from time to time…

ccav is in the right direction… im waiting for v2 to try it again…

Hi vitim,

ccav is in the right direction... im waiting for v2 to try it again..

This is supposed to be v2 actually as it has: New GUI, improved cloud and performance.

considering your past bad experiences as you posted here:;msg851407#msg851407

We would appreciate if you could give it a shot and share your experience.
If you don’t like it, it would mean it’s not ready for everyone, which we want it to be.
So please see if you could give a try.

Regarding following:

is that a way to add files on some sort of "full user selection" list of trusted and ignored files? some way that the file will be indeed ignored as trusted and will not lookup at valkyrie from time to time..
sorry, not very clear, may you please elaborate further as what you are trying to do?


Yes, I definitely felt his influence on CCAV 8)
It is nice, Comodo has him and dev team. Keep it up guys,


I could tell by his first post that he’s a dedicated person. Believe it or not. :stuck_out_tongue:

One man can make a difference And here he is “umesh”… :slight_smile:

youre a great guys as i can see on your replies… ok… ill try it on my production machine (yeah, i know its not recomende… but know what? lets try it harder!! )

ll post results in a couple of days (maybe 3 or 4 days… weekend full of work here)…

Just did a clean install of the new beta. Everything seems to be working great so far. System seems to be very responsive and the full scan finished much quicker. 1.9 took about 30 minutes and 1.10 took about 15. Ill report back if i have any issues with this version.

In the next couple days im going to install this beta on to a virtual machine, throw some malware at it and see if i can break things >:-D

CCAV is really improving and turning in to a great product. Keep up the great work umesh and team.

Diagnostics report > Save
At “Collecting system information” phase, you are able to cancel saving. If you cancel, you get “Report is created successfully”. Isn’t it a bit misleading? Could be better.
Considering what I said above, there’s also a minor contradiction because you are unable to close diagnostics window until saving is finished (“x” button appears afterwards).
Also, the buttons (“Jump to Report Folder”, “Close” ) are too close to window edge (bottom).

Tooltip (i) button is white colored on main interface window. However, in “Settings” windows it’s red colored. Kind of inconsistent.

Rating column header is colored in “Valkyrie” window compared to others. (I assume there’s a filter gone wrong there. Filter option is not selected.)

Selected items are kept/highlighted even if you switch to another tab in “Settings” window. Just wondering if that’s intended.

“Quarantine” is crashing when you add many items.
Right-click > “Submit As False Positive” option should inform the user if successful.

“Restore Default” button from “User Interface” (“Settings” window) should ask for confirmation.

How is the system performance, etc with the beta?

I haven’t got the time yet to test the beta…

Hi Yash Khan,
Waiting for your feedback as you did observe slowdowns in previous versions.

It must be smooth, if not, we must solve it before we release.


Little busy here…

If possible, I may try a quick test today…

I gave it a try…And seems the same as stable build…high disk usage, slowdown, etc…