Comodo Cloud Antivirus 1.6.401581.355 Hotfix version is Released!

Hello Friends ! :slight_smile:

Here we are happy to announce that Comodo Cloud Antivirus 1.6.401581.355 hotfix version is now released !

Comodo Cloud Antivirus is getting stronger with each new release with its unique systems Valkyrie server and Default Deny Platform. We will keep the dynamic releases coming accordingly with significant improvements.

Currently we are also working on a brand new design for 2017, which we aimed to increase the usability within the product user interface.

The aim of this hotfix release is to enhance Valkyrie system and to fix Valkyrie related bugs and some internal changes to improve the efficiency of Valkyrie server and the service provided.

Please always keep in mind that this product is being shaped with your feedbacks, this is your product! Because You are important for us and we are here to support you for your online protection needs. Please keep providing your feedbacks for us to serve you the best!

Note: Users with previous versions installed will receive an update with this release.

Thank you very much to you all in advance !!

What’s new in 1.6.401581.355?

• Valkyrie system enhancements and bug fixes

Download Location

Comodo Cloud Antivirus Hotfix V1.6.401581.355

Thank you for the new release.

does valkyrie works as it was supose to work witht his release?

please, some user running it talk about it…

Not for me.

Again, a communication error with the cloud server by 13% with the full scan. I do not reconnect.
This is a beta, not final.

Hi guys,

Valkyrie team is working on the server problem, we will update you soon.

Kind Regards

Thank you for the heads up Buket and congrats with the new release.

Happy for the release

well, i did some tests and i see that ccav is having less and less problems with its gui and the random slowdows i saw before…

its getting better, yes it is.

now all we need is the valkyrie running acceptable atleast and voila… a great security software for the masses… even offline with the great sandbox… (in fact i only use it or recomend it as an sandbox alternative).

Is the “Full scan connection to the cloud server problem” related to the Valkyrie problem, or are these two separate problems?


Hi Comodo Team, i install this Comodo Cloud Antivirus realease and test, for fast scan is try and work ok and very fast scan to 100% now im try the full complete scan, and i go see if ok and im back if complete scan, for a moment i see the Valkirye not work, stop in 1% or 66 files to verify in cloud of server so need make correction Valkyrie server ok?! Other Thing i dont like is all time i see the Enhance Your Browsing experience !! And say for accept Confirm the above recomended changes and this change my start browser to Yahoo in start page so i dont like Yahoo can yours change Yahoo to Google go be better and all people go accept this if say for change to GOOGLE not YAHOO!!! Please…
I see change too the botton to adquired a license is this for license of Comodo Cloud Antivirus or other license?? I dont Know what license yours say, is license for Comodo Internet Security 10 Free so please say more about what license yours say…


Can we have a cleanup tool for CCAV?

Any version I install, after install I get RealTime not working “Fix” And hitting “Fix” restarts the system & solves the issue.

I had a prob previously with CCAV & RollbackRx And I guess something related to CCAV remain on the system that creates issues with every CCAV install. With KillSwitch I had found 2 drivers related to CCAV & had deleted them that time.

A CCAV cleanup tool would be good to clean install CCAV i.e run the cleanup tool & remove CCAV leftovers & clean install CCAV.

Thank You

I know that CCAV is still protecting my PC, but for some time now, CCAV is unable to do any kind of scan (except the certificate) because of the server connection issue. As BuketB mentioned, hopefully this will get fixed soon.

Hi Yash,

Sure, we can. Please kindly fill in a wish report for this request so that we will process.

Kind Regards

Because of server issues along with some other minor bugs, I think it would be prudent and helpful to some if you listed this as Beta software until it is much more polished. :wink:

When yours go stabilish the server?? I cant finish scan stop all time and not finish…

Hi Guto,
We are already working on this issue.We will let you know once its fixed.


Just reporting will do from now on. You are urgently advised to leave out all extra derogatory comments.

Normal comment, there is a problem, I’m writing about it.
I use Сomodo products for 7 years

It’s still not an excuse to keep on posting derogatory comments. Neutrally reporting that the server is not working is fine. It is abundantly clear for keen observers like yourself that getting the Valkyrie servers working properly with the users of CCAV is work in progress for which is no ETA.