Comodo Cloud Antivirus 1.5.398119.328 is Released!!!

Hello Friends ! :slight_smile:

Here we are very excited and happy to announce that Comodo Cloud Antivirus 1.5.398119.328 new version is now released ! Thank you very much for all your feedbacks and patience for the reported issues ! We will keep improving with new releases.

A Basic Cloud Antivirus ? or A Unique Cloud Antivirus with Default Deny Shield ? :-La :-La

Comodo Cloud Antivirus is your Unique protection tool with its world’s first and one & only Default Deny Shield ! You are under protection not only with the up-to-date cloud based antivirus database but also a unique system that analyses all unknown files on your end point thanks to Sandbox and Valkyrie server capabilities !

Full Protection For Free , Unknown File Analysis: For Free :-TU

Comodo Cloud Antivirus is now has a special domain on Valkyrie server side ! Valkyrie server is one of the most important file analysis server of Comodo which is being used in important Enterprise Products ; serving enterprise customers. We give you this unique experince for free for your endpoint protection !

Now it is even more powerful as we have developed a consumer special domain on Valkyrie service for our CCAV users which will increase the analysis performance of the submitted unknown files !
CCAV having the most powerful and unique tool ; Default Deny Shield, will fullfill all your needs for online protection !

As you know we are also improving Valkyrie system gradually, expect new releases in short terms and our calendar will be very dynamic !

You , being the most important participant of this protection chain, help us to improve the product with your feedbacks . We are the warriors against the unknowns, you make us more powerful ! Internet will be a more secure place with the help of Comodo users !

Please always keep in mind that this product is being shaped with your feedbacks, this is your product! Because You are important for us and we are here to support you for your online protection needs. Please keep providing your feedbacks for us to serve you the best!

Note: Users with previous versions installed will receive an update with this release.

Thank you very much to you all in advance !!

What’s new in 1.5.398119.328?

  • CCAV Special domain on Valkyrie server that will increase the analysis level and quality.
  • Fixed:
    -System starts slow when restart for the first time after CCAV installation in some systems.
    -cab file signed by trusted vendor is now trusted

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Comodo Cloud Antivirus Hotfix V1.5.398119.328

  • :-TU

I dont understand how “trust files installed by trusted installers” works?

For ex - I install latest stable FreeDownloadManager 5. When I start the install, there is no alert (that means FDM is trusted/whitelisted/TVL) But during install, why 3-4 files are sandboxed/blocked (as per selected sandbox settings)?

Hello yessnooo,

First of all, CCAV does not trust the files installed by trusted installers; but trusts the applications that are started by trusted installers. Trusted installer logic has parameters as name or filesize and the final verdict is done according to those parameters.

For your information

Kind Regards

Installed this version And when install completed successfully & I clicked finish, got an error “realtime protection is not working properly”, click fix, I clicked fix And system restart was required & after system restart, things were fine.
But why the error in the first place?

And this is all getting confusing. You guys post the same stuffs, CCAV is this/that, etc… But dont post important info.
First Internet Security Essentials was separate install Then later you mentioned ISE is inbuilt now And now I see ISE is separate install again i.e there is a separate ISE folder in program files x86 & separate ISE entry in programs & features.
Whats going on? Why you guys dont post these info instead of the same stuffs CCAV is this/that, etc… everytime?

Why not an option " trust the files installed by trusted installers/programs/apps"?

This would solve my prob of messy/incomplete/failed programs install due to couple files sandboxed/blocked (as per selected sandbox settings).

By the way, your Valkyrie improvement/analysis performance, etc… is still a fail i.e its been 2 & 1/2 hours & not a single file analyzed yet.

That doesn’t make any sense. What’s the point of this feature if you don’t trust all the files within a TRUSTED installer? That’s the whole point of this function in the first place. If you trust the installer, you’re also trusting all it carries. Otherwise there is no point in trusting the installer in the first place, further defeating the purpose of Comodo as a whole.

A must have like in CIS. :-TU

Could you post a wish for this?

Ok. Tried this new version for a couple of ours and Im tired of it.

Please, consider add an option so we can DISABLE valkyrie analysis and make CCAV shows its protecting the system, without poping out informations about valkyrie disabled. This way I can FINALY have my comodo standalone sandbox as requested and promised by you a long time ago.

CCAV has the potential to be the perfect sandbox solution if we could just disable valkyrie and make ccav dont complain about it. This would be great guys. Please, consider it.

About this new version:

  • Lags everywhere when running apps (as in the last versions);
  • Valkyrie analysis not working (or not showing me thats working) by not sending files to the cloud and by not showing me informations about veredycts;
  • Too much ram usage (about 70mb) for an tiny little software with no kernel drivers running alongside the processes it creates (cis has kernel level drivers and in total uses about 15mb only and is an internet security);
  • CPU usage going to 90% from time to time without, apareantly, no reason;
  • I unninstalled it so I cant keep providing bugs and problems related to this new build.

Im out of testing ccav as its getting nowhere for me and I can not use my time testing it. I still beleave it will be a great software, but I cant keep with the beta testing anymore. Sorry guys. Good luck for everybody involded on it.

I hate the fact you can’t configure Comodo products to ignore certain statuses. If you turn something off, it’ll always scream DISABLED about it with no way to turn this warning off.

same as the previous version, over 700 unknown files.

I have the same number of unknowns as before, but now they actually seem to be getting processed across all my systems. I just don’t understand why things aren’t trusted immediately when you’re doing a rating scan if Valkyrie later declares already declared things as trusted. It seems like it always finds around 250 unknown files after clean install and then over time Valkyrie declares them clean. Seemingly same files that were already declared clean in the past. Shouldn’t those be trusted directly by now and not over time again and again every time?

To me, that seems like it’s putting pointless load to Valkyrie servers where those files could just have status fetched through the file rating service like all other files that already have a verdict.

Btw, I got a “Driver not signed” popup again yesterday, but then it just disappeared and CCAV seems to work fine. Why is this happening?

Hi Guys.
If you have lots of unknown files, please let me know the apikey by attached tool [], we can check it on our side.

Hi Guys,

We are waiting for your submissions if you have issues with your unknown file analysis . Please kindly get in contact with Flykite.

For your attention please,

Kind Regards

api key b5375180-745b-4a3c-be26-4f3534232ab0

Got it, i will give you feedback when i back office.

763 files still pending analysis… been almost 2 weeks since I applied the Win10 1607 update and installed CCAV in place of CIS 10 beta. In 2 weeks time, only 21 files have received a verdict.

api key 8df41d33-e238-4c22-a1b5-58071b8089ff

mine seems to be working now, better than ever. It is actually calling files safe and removing them from the unknown list.