Comodo Cleanning Essentials V10.0.0.6111 is released !

Hi Guys! :slight_smile:

Here we are happy to announce that Comodo Cleaning Essentials V10.0 new version is now released !

It has been a long time since CCE product has not been released with significant new features .From now on we will keep improving Comodo Cleanning Essentials with constant updates according to your feedbacks and comments.

Please keep providing your feedbacks for us to serve you the best!

Note: Users with previous versions installed will receive an update with this release.

Thank you very much to you all in advance and we will keep improving.

What’s new in V10.0.0.6111 ?


• Command line parameter to randomize CCE window names
(Now there is “-w CustomTitleName” command line switch available, using which any custom name can be given to applications(CCE/KS/AR) title. At times malware are cleaning tools aware e.g. noted here:;msg499194#msg499194,
in worst case they maybe scanning applications by window names as well; to take care of that situation as well, this command line switch has been added)

• Command line parameter to suppress reboot during scan
(We have now “-noreboot” switch available in CCE as requested here:
• Option to log threat and unknown files in KillSwitch
(as requested here:

• Option to hide Microsoft signed files in KillSwitch
(Added in KillSwitch as requested here:
we will add in AutoRun as well)

• Set I/O priority in KillSwitch
(As requested here:

Download Location

Comodo Cleaning Essentials V10.0.0.6111

32-Bit OS:
64-Bit OS:

Great. A nice surprise, after all this time. :-TU

Downloading now. Thank you Melih, BuketB, and team!

Nice. Thanks for the update!!

wow great thanks fpr the update!

Killswitch closes immediately upon opening on my Win7 system. Returning to CCE 2.5.2421 fixed the problem.

Hi L.A.R. Grizzly,
May you please share any dump you can find under “Data\KillSwitch\Dumps” relative folder ?


Hello umesh! I’ve attached the dump folder with the file.

Thank you.
Team will have a look.

great work guys!

Works fine on my Win7 :-TU

Hi L.A.R. Grizzly,
We have investigated. Seems you have CIS v7.x installed.

When CIS is installed, KillSwitch makes uses of CIS services to scan a file. CIS v7 is not compatible with latest KillSwitch and therefore it exit.

With next CIS release, KillSwitch version that comes with it will be updated so you can use that and in future CCE releases, we will capture this scenario where KillSwitch may end up running with very old CIS version and behaves accordingly.

So not a very typical end user scenario.


Thanks for looking into the problem. I’ll wait for the next version. I can use CCE 2.5.2421 until then.

Command line parameter to randomize CCE window names
I've suggested this for quite a long time. It's a good addition. How about other window info? For example, Class and Visible/Hidden Text?

Here’s visible text:


Here’s hidden text:

Start a scan to unearth and remove viruses, rootkits, hidden files and malicious registry keys hidden deep within your system.
Start Scan
I Accept
Loading engine and collecting system information ...
Please wait while the virus database is being updated.
This might take a few minutes...
Updating virus signature database...
Keep virus signature database up to date so that COMODO Cleaning Essentials can detect and remove the latest viruses and rootkits.

Not to mention, command-line sniffing protection → actually, I am not sure why users would need to pass command-line arguments. It would be better to use random values by default. :-La

Hi qmarius,
We have taken one step, this is a proactive step, we have yet to encounter a malware that could be using FindWindow API to identify CCE binaries.

We will consider your suggestions in next releases, thank you. Please keep it coming and also, we would like to hear any case, where you could not identify and neutralize threat using CCE and tools.

We want to make it the best tool for identification and neutralizing threats and your support is very much needed.


Thanks for reply. Glad you are considering it & wouldn’t expect less. I rarely used it with real scenarios (and I usually make “undocumented tests” based on my ideas-- too many to list). I did make a suggestion based on such experience : Add boot-time scan to CCE [M1138].

Keep up the good work (as always). :slight_smile:

PS: I’m a bit confused if your post was directed at me personally. Made my ego boost a bit. (just kidding)

Hi qmarius,
When you have a malware that controls system at boot level and even if you scan at load time, you don’t know if your module is hooked itself.
As both malware and your scanner could be at same Kernel level.

The best route in such scenarios is to use some rescue disk like tool and boot from that and then scan PC, everything else is half cooked measures.


Great news that CCE is getting still some attention from the devs.

Nice one. Thank you Comodo. :slight_smile: 8)

Excellent work. No false detecting the
Bravo, Сomodo :-TU