Comodo Cleaning Essientials Tool finds ifections - crashes before removal

Infections found in (Windows.old ) files during full sys scan - Something to do with AMD64 & desktop FOD? My system is Intel Based with Nividia. Not certain if the files are for virtual sandbox or if the scan crashed because the files are OS files that are required?? I am using CIS complete 10 with Cloud antivirus. The cloud anti virus cannot scan past the 2% mark ( geek buddy files). Is this just a simple case of scanning sys conflicts between programs? I have attached screen shots below just in case. I am concerned that it has something to do with a med. risk level malware present on the machine from day one - think it was a driver? (2015/Lenovo/Mc Affee solution from Lenovo used successfully?) The Warranty activation deep scan found this same problem - I was not able to submit the sample for some reason. ( 3-23-2018)

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We are not able to reproduce the issue. please check your PM sent requesting logs.
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