COMODO Cleaning Essentials ( Wishlist )

What does COMODO Cleaning Essentials need or you wish it could have ?

As a side note: Cleaning certian TDSS infections will have to wait, but it’s been noted :slight_smile:

A simple and fast option to scan a file with dacs. Now i need to start a custom scan and browse to the fileto add it.

Yes a manual way of choosing which file to scan with DACS. Also Seems right now only unknown files running in memory get sent to DACS. Would like any suspicious file to be sent to DACS even if its not running in memory.

Bootable version. :-TU

Wish all Comodo users, especially CCE users a happy christmas, it’s a big wish, ha ;D

I haven’t tested such a feature yet ,but is CCE able to re-enable the disabled taskmanager and msconfig etc… due to malware infections?!, !! if not , then that will be my first wish ! :slight_smile:

Please don’t clean hidden regestry key’s automaticaly but ask the user what to do with them. I run a scan and it found 2 files as unknown malware. It did not show the 2 hidden registry entries (Rootkit.HiddenService). I ignored the two files. Then i rebooted and it also cleaned two hidden registry key’s:


I think these are also false positives but i cannot find any information about these entries. This is realy dangerous.

EDIT: This also could be a bug because is see posts of people with detected registry key’s in the results page. With my scan CCE did not show these 2 registry keys on the results page!!

I wish that DACS also scan files(not only processes). For example when you downloaded file and you want to check it with 13 difrent scanners.

This will be in CIS later on in the future


I really NEED an option to completely ignore files like in CIS.CCE detects some Realtek and ATI files(when scanning with high heuristics) and doesn’t give me an option to ignore them, just “ignore once” or “report as FP”.


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A % showing the progress of the files being uploaded would be nice.
Also CCE should have an option to scan and detect all the unknown files in my computer with a dangerous extension and upload them to DACS, so I will not need to left open KillSwitch all the time to upload the programs that I also have to left opened and everything will be done with 1 scan.

A Force Breach mode (like Hitman Pro has)
Effective against rogues.

  1. CCE should report why it decided the file is infected (according to own AV bases, CAMAS or DACS)
  2. When scan is finished Close button should return user to the main window.
  1. CCE should report why it decided the file is infected (according to own AV bases, CAMAS or DACS)

Hey, it’s already.

When you click twice one a process and go to “Verdict” you will see DACS results, CAMAS results and other.

This is KillSwitch not CCE.

Ooohh, ■■■■, you’ re right.

Why I have blank page in this case ( I click in KillSwitch)?

Only the unknown files are sent to DACS.


doesn’t that how killswitch work at the moment?

all the unknown files are automatically checked…

am i missing something?