Comodo Cleaning Essentials New Version on the Way ! Wishes / Feedbacks ?

Hello Everybody! :slight_smile:

I would like to give a heads up that Comodo is now working for a new version of Comodo Cleaning Essentials suite including Killswitch & Autoruns !!

For this reason, I would like you to drop your recent wishes or bug reports if you have faced lately .

It is important to get your feedbacks as most importantly we will be building the best solution that serves all your needs.

Thank you very much to you all in advance !

Kind Regards

I would like a stand alone installer. Right now you have to install it through CIS to get the latest version.

  • Bugzilla: Bug 744;
  • Efficient scanner for adware and PUPs modifying your browser - most of these days infections;
  • upload unknown files from critical areas to Valkyrie for verdict (like cloud scanning HitmanPro does);
  • ability to create rescue cd/usb via CCE itself;
  • Manual disinfection - KVRT is a great example how it can be implemented;
  • ability to clean system files during clean-up (temp files);
  • constant updates of CCE :slight_smile:

Agreed my friends above :-TU


Please add ability to remove browser malfunctions (abused search engines and browsers extensions)
CCE should fix them without resetting profile of browser. It will be a nice addition, and you guys can list this feature on the page of CCE. People search about this :-TU

  1. Not sure if this is possible but the ability to run on both x32 and x64 platforms (currently I have to keep two versions up-to-date).
  2. Create an installer that when run, prompts where you would like to install CCE (USB or CD). Once installed, future updates (program/signatures) are handled within CCE’s GUI.
  3. Would be nice to be able to create a bootable environment within CCE’s GUI (either to USB or CD). Not sure how CD would work due to new program/signature updates
  4. If used only on a USB pen drive, the ability to monitor it’s own processes to check that they haven’t been modified (due to inserting USB stick into “potential” infected computers (bootable enviroment would help here or ability to protect crucial CCE’s files)

CCE (especially Killswitch) has helped me out quite a few times so nice to see that it’s getting an update :-TU