Comodo Cleaning Essentials MBR Scanner lead to BSOD

Everytime when I use CCE, if I select MBR Scanner, will get a BSOD during the scan.
My OS is Win7, have Avira and Comodo Firewall with Defense+.
I don’t want to use attach file, but I can send the dump file to moderator if you need.
Please let me know why this happen, thanks.

Also, can you tell me if Avira Web Protection(or any proxy) will let other application bypass Comodo Firewall? and if Defense+ incompatible with Avira(or any other third party antivirus)?

i also get blue screen when i scan with CCE. this is how i get it:
i rebooted in safe mode with net, started CCe from comodo folder. after CCe loaded, i chose full scan and it started ti update. after it asked to reboot, i entered normal mode and it began to scan. after 20-25 min it reached 52% and after another 40-55 min it reached 54% and then the blue screen appeared. i have win xp sp3 pro 32 bit.

hey, how about a solution here, or something !?!? thanks.

Is this the version of CCE which is bundled with CIS, or the standalone version?

it’s the version included, in my case.

P.S. today i scanned with the standalone version of CCE with the same result as the one included in CIS. what next? thanks.

For the version of CCE included in CIS the most effective approach is to create a full bug report in this section of the forum.

Be sure to put it in the format provided in this post. Just copy and paste the code, and put your answers after each colon.

Also, be sure to set your computer to make full dumps. Then, upload the full dump file to a file sharing site, such as this one and paste the download link in your report. Also be sure to attach the required files as well.

Once this is done I can forward the report to the developers.

Thank you.

Just copy and paste the code, and put your answers after each colon.
Also, be sure to set your computer to make full dumps.

ok. so, i’ll need more details for the one in black and tell me how to set my pc to make full dumps and where can i find them in the pc. i also don’t understand where to make the bug report, because the link you gave is really complicated to understand, at least for me.

I apologize. I made a mistake with my links. Please see if it makes more sense now.

To set Windows to make a full dump (otherwise called a kernal dump) you can follow the advice in this topic. Let me know if that is helpful.

Thank you.

ok. i followed the link and my pc was already set for a complete dump but i also have the option of kernel full dump, but i left it the way it was, as a complete dump. i’m uploading the memory dump.
what about the section for the bug report? where should i report it? thanks.
if any informations are required, i run win xp sp3 pro, cis premium v. 6.3.297838.2953, CCE included in cis v. 6, 3, 294583, 2937.
here is the memory dump link:

waiting for reply.

Create a new topic in this section:

of the forum. Be sure to use the format I linked to.