COMODO Cleaning Essentials downloads database again even CIS has latest database

1- Run the COMODO Cleaning Essentials from the task menu of CIS
2- The COMODO Cleaning Essentials begins downloading and updating the database

However, the lastest signature database was already installed with CIS. That is to say, the CCE doesn’t use the same database of CIS. Is it by designing or a bug?
Please check the screenshot attached.

OS: Windows 10 x64
CIS version:

Yep I have noticed this for some time now, although I think in previous versions it used to use the existing database, I just don’t know when they changed it to have CCE download it separately.

Yep, very confused.

With the addition of the new feature of CIS using a lighter AV database by default, I can see why CCE would use the larger database that it downloads, considering the light db will not have all available AV signatures and you want CCE to scan using the complete AV signature database.