COMODO Cleaning Essentials 2.2.217899.172 Final Released

Hello Everyone,

We are excited to announce that CCE 2.2 has just been released. We would like to thank all of our beta testers who helped us to achieve this release.

What’s new in CCE 2.2.217899.172 at a glance?

NEW New KillSwitch
NEW Aggressive mode in KillSwitch and CCE (start with SHIFT key pressed)
NEW Autorun Analyzer
NEW Smart scan in CCE
NEW Boot logging feature in KillSwitch
NEW “Import Virus Database” feature in CCE
IMPROVED More powerful disk access method when scanning for malware
IMPROVED More powerful Quick Repair in KillSwitch
IMPROVED MBR scanner for multiple operating system configurations
FIXED BSOD when releasing kernel hooks under certain circumstances
FIXED CCE may crash when analyzing NTFS steams under certain circumstances
FIXED System file protection during cleanup

Download Locations:

32 Bit Operating Systems

64 Bit Operating Systems

downloading now, thanks guy’s for releasing these malware fighters :-TU

Great job!
Well done, guys!

I hope, we can see some of this cool feature in Comodo Internet Security, in the future :wink: !!!

Thanks guys, now you can press on with CIS :smiley:

I hope too :-TU

great work :-TU thank you

great work guys! LOVE CCE!!!

:-TU great thx…It will be good to see another test by Languy at some point :slight_smile:

Great release, I love both KillSwitch and Autoruns. Everything feels much more polished, and powerful, now.

BTW, please update the download links on this page.

Grt Guys…!! Nice ONe…
Btw how to update the Database File… Does it update automatically as I didnt find Update Link…

CCE is still unable to update on my system.

You can either import the database (bases.cav) from your CIS installation or CCE attempts to update the database at the start of a scan.

It’s the CCE 1.6 manual so those are technically correct corresponding with the manual version, I think the 2.2 manual should also be released there with the 2.2 download links :wink:

same here. there has to be something going on. im running win7 64. thats the only os iv had problems updating

Nice work

Same here. Win7 x64

i posted a bug report for 2.1 it seems like its a bug for win7 x64

I’m on x32 and it doesn’t work as I said:)

thats weird. it works on my other computer running the same thing