COMODO Cleaning Essentials 1.6.183539.73 has been released!

Hello Everyone,

We are very excited to announce that Comodo Cleaning Essentials is available for download. We would like to thank everyone who joined the beta testing.

What is Comodo Cleaning Essentials?

Simple. CCE is a set of tools we created for cleaning the infected computers. The main application, CCE, is a powerful virus, spyware, rookit scanner and cleaner. It has many advanced scanning and cleaning techniques that are not present in CIS yet. And then we have a powerful tool called Killswitch, which is purely for experts to diagnose EVERYTHING in a computer. Give it a try!

CCE features:

  • Portable: No installation is necessary!
  • Rootkit and hidden file/key scanner
  • Aggressive file removing capabilities
  • KillSwitch, advanced system activity monitoring tool

Download Locations:

32 Bit Operating Systems:

64 Bit Operating Systems:



Excellent work guys!

Now the world has one amazing cleaning tool!

And you know what…this is only the start…it will get better and better with each release!

Watch this amazing team deliver you guys what you deserve: a world class cleaning tool!


sweet good job guys, can’t wait to try it out on a infected computer.

I haven’t been around much… too much on my plate!
However, I think I am still going to add a big scoop of CCE to my plate and do a taste test!

Mmmm! Tastes minty fresh! And like mouthwash, it kills germs!

Thanks Comodo!

Good Job Comodo!! Great Program CCE,Killswitch! :-TU :-TU

I can’t see DACS? :slight_smile:

Does CCE can be packed into a file like Hitman and NPE?

Hmm, I’m a fortune teller? ;D

[attachment deleted by admin]

Why doesn’t CCE use CIS av database or cloud database?

I have tried CCE. It is a good tool. But many features in Hitmanpro and NPE are worth to learn.

I wonder why egemen didnt include the changes in this version. it kind of seems like DACS got removed

they share the same database

Also no DACS verdicts here… ???
Is this great feature now history?

DacsCom.dll (DACS functionality) File does not exist. ???

Can’t you see it!? their lawyers ain’t that good after all ;D

Although, I do wish for this great feature to be " reborn " in the next versions, but I highly doubt it :).

p.s. where are the release notes ?

Can CIS AV Database be pasted in CCE like manual update.


I know that. I mean why doesn’t CCE use the av database of CIS if I have installed it in the computer.

We are very excited to announce that Comodo Cleaning Essentials is available for download.

Finally happened! :-TU

Thank you Comodo!

So DACS is no longer?

Valkyrie took priority.

DACS is still on the cards…its just that Valkyrie was too amazing and we had to get our resources to releasing Valkyrie…our Mods are playing with it and soon you can too.


yes, I’ve tried that and it works