Comodo Cleaning Essential ( false positive )

I did a full scan on my computer with CCE , then it found 3 things , and all 3 things were false positives.

Then i checked ‘’ send to comodo as false positive ‘’.

Then i had to restart my computer , and then i had a report.

I have no screenshot unfortunaly , but it said this ( in my own words ) ,

1 false positive was succesfully reported to Comodo and ignored , but 2 false positives were failed to report to Comodo and ignored.

Now my question is , what happened with the failed 2 false positives now ?

It isnt deleted or something right ?

And why did it fail to report and ignore the files ?


1 question offtopic sorry but ,

is this the latest stable version of CCE ?



yes this is latest stable version

Have you tried to do it again? Due to the ammount pf posts each day, sometimes one can be overlooked or the person with the answer is not on, so will reply when they log in…

Keep us updated, as it’s the input of other users like yourself that help keep us help Comodo in their quest for perfection hehe. >:-D

yea i´ll try and keep u guys updated.

I did a full scan again , and it found 3 false positives again , only a bit different , last time it found a Norton file , but that file is not detected anymore , does that mean the whitelist is improved and sees Norton as safe , or did Comodo delete a Norton file ?