Comodo Clean vs Original BoClean [resolved]

Considering it is taking a few weeks to get done, I assume the new Comodo version of BoClean will have more than just a new title. As a owner of the original Boclean, what can I expect in the new version? Has anyone heard anything? thanks

I can tell ya … (grin)

COMODO BOClean 4.23 (note the extremely minor version number change) will be the SAME as BOClean 4.22 for now … the only major changes are some nice graphics on it that say COMODO of course, and the solution for VISTA compatibility that worked just fine in 4.22 until Vista was actually released. Microsoft made some changes in how kernel drivers are handled and even though ours wasn’t a HARDWARE driver in the traditional sense, they required not only “signed code” but also a special “CROSS-certificate” from Microsoft in addition to the “signed code.” While I was still with Privacy Software Corp, we requested this from them back in December of last year and never got it. Now that we’re in COMODO’s hands, the logjam was broken and the certificates JUST arrived this past week. THAT was the major part of the delay. Once the code has been signed, then we have to go back and retest all of the 4.23 release to ensure that everything works properly as there have been quite a few reports of strange things happening with signed kernel code. Since it’s always been our tradition to avoid tossing coded corpses out of speeding cars in the dead of night, need a few more days to beat up things in our own labs to ensure it will work as reliably as its predecessor yet be happy under Vista.

And no, not handing out “release candidates” at this point either … but the 4.23 release, aside from the above, will be the SAME as 4.22 was. Once that’s out the door, next step is to take the existing code which is written in Borland C and then port it to Microsoft C (Microsoft’s C isn’t completely ANSI compatible whereas Borland was) so that my teammates at COMODO can get under the hood along with me and start making some SERIOUS improvements to it which will hopefully lead us to either a 4.30 or better yet that fabled 5.0 release as soon as is practical. Over the past two years, I’ve started to do a number of amazing things that I never had the time to FINISH. I think those unfinished things excited Melih even more than BOClean or any of our other existing stuff. Hopefully now that I have analysts and no longer have to do the malware, this will all come together sooner rather than later. There’s a lot of work ahead to be done and it’s great to finally have the opportunity to DO some of it again! :slight_smile:

How will the owners of Boclean now be notified how to get the new version? I have had mine for over 4 years and am a little curious about this.

I was wondering about that too so I had asked about this and heres the answer I got.,7806.msg56714.html#msg56714

Thanks JWill for the link. Don’t know how I missed that!!