Comodo claims that the exe files I build includes virus


I am developing a camera/qr/server application in visualstudio 10 using c++. When I build the project I get information that the created exe file includes virus. I get the following information: ApplicUnwnt.Win32.AdWare.GameVance.FGK@279540306 .

The application I am developing uses the following frameworks:


What is the reason Comodo acts this way. Is it an issue with comodo not liking the frameworks or that I have some virus on my machine that acts up on exe files I create. When I create a normal c++ project everything works fine.

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Some more information:

When I scan the computer with comodo it does not find any other virus than in the newly created exe file.

The above highlighted means PUP. Application Unwanted in Comodo’s detection means PUP i.e Potentially Unwanted Programs. Comodo detects these categories for the sake of average users as most of the users dont use such programs. Advanced users know what they are doing & can ignore or exclude it. You may exclude it as the detection means not malware but may be risky to use.

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You can submit some of the builds as false-positive at Comodo Antivirus Database | Submit Files for Malware Analysis and we’ll verify.

Also, please mention in the comment section the link to this topic.

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