Comodo CIS with crossed circle icon at startup

win xp sp3

Quite often at startup CIS shows up in system tray with crossed icon as shown in this attachment. Upon reboot it reverts to normal.

Does it mean cis is disabled?

[attachment deleted by admin]

Come on guys. Anyone pls tell me what it means?

that means, that something is wrong with your installation.
I know that problem, when cmdagent.exe is not running.

When you open Cfp, there you can see the problem.

This is not the normal state, how CIS should start.

Maybe you should check the diagnostic under misceneallous(damn, i think you know what i mean)

This very problem has just occured with me !! after opening by right clicking I am advised to run diagnostics as Defence + has a problem. ( I am also showing attacks in the activity area) Unfortunately diagnostics says there is no problem !!! I know this is not helping you but I kinda hope one of the superstars from Comodo might be able to advise what we should do next because it does look as though there is a big problem here. ???

It happens with me sometimes. When I double click Icon CIS panel opens up and shows everything as normal. A reboot restores tray icon to normal. I guess I should ignore it safely.

Try a clean install of CIS. When you did not import a configuration from v3.8 or older you can export your configuation first. Then uninstall and reboot. AFter rerboot run this clean up tool:;msg259617#msg259617 .

Now you are good to reinstall.