Comodo CIS Licensing


i’m using comodo antivirus beta 2.0 since i’ve entered a company (february), with computers spread all across Portugal, all of them using that version, chosen among others because of the free-for-all use.

what I need to know is, now that the antivirus is part of CIS and i’m getting messages all across the offices to update until 20th november, does CIS continues to be free to use? can I upgrade comodo antivirus without fear of breaking the EULA?


Yes, it’s still free.

I would recommend that you uninstall the older version, reboot and clean install CIS, selecting only the anti virus during the install.

I would not recommend attempting to upgrade from CAVS V2 to CIS V3.5

Ewen :slight_smile:

great, could you refer to me where can I get license information, so that I can have legal means to explain?


silly question.

eula is right over here >:(