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First of all, I apologize in advance for my English.
I am writing you to ask a question that seems very important to me.
We often hear about companies and hospitals (for example) that have been hacked, or whose data is subject to ransonware.
Is it possible to have information or maybe even a list of the security solutions that were used each time?
For example, I would like to know whether Comodo has been able to protect its customers better than others?
And which security solutions have failed the most?

Some will answer that each case is unique and that everything depends on the configuration and the chosen parameters,
but I would like to disregard this fact and just consider the automatic and pro-active effectiveness of the abovementioned security software.

I would like to know whether Comodo has been able to protect its customers better than others?
An example The State of UTAH in the United Stated
Zero breaches since deployment

Ultimately, Utah replaced Symantec (last year’s Gartner upper right EPP quadrant leader) with Comodo across the entire state, encompassing 25K endpoints. Utah has experienced no infections to date on any endpoints with Comodo Auto-Containment enabled.

plenty more to read hear

And which security solutions have failed the most?
I can answer it but I wont because Im a comodo moderater (volunteer in my own time) If I give a answer it would sound bias. I can recommend this link though
Latest Wikileaks Document Dump: Comodo is a Pain for Hackers

One last thing. Most IT emplyees are understaffed and overworked. Whatever current system is in place there going to keep it that way. The motto is: If it isn’t broke, Dont fix it or change it. Upgrading and improving security require alot of extra work. So IT employees will not work harder then they have to, they just hope for the best. If and when a major company gets hacked, It falls on the IT people. They’ll just get fired or let go, they have a new job in a few days somewhere else. The company that got hacked, could lose millions and confidential info, and lose trust from other companys. Thats why major corps do audits and/or people outside of IT department want and force improved security. Its a very very slow process.

Comodo is the way to go in my opinion. companys will trust other companys more if there security is awsume. Plus confidential info will stay safe. Thats all Im going to write :slight_smile:

These are good endorsements.