Comodo CIS determined to be root cause of Win 7 freeze

and programs being unresponsive. I systematically went through the start up services and programs, and have narrowed it down to comodo. Its possible I may have changed a setting but I am not sure where to look or what could be causing my system to become so slow and eventual freeze. Even win logs will not show anything… anyways, can someone help me determine what specifically within comodo is causing this. The software is great and Ive only had issues within the past month or so, and it is progressively getting worse. Thanks.

Check that you don’t also have “Internet Security Essentials” installed along with CIS.

Although this is a Comodo product, I’ve found that it frequently bought several PCs with it down to an absolute crawl.

It can be uninstalled completely though Control Panel (Strongly recommended to reboot after uninstallation to ensure thorough removal).

Hope this info helps.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I have the antivirus and firewall combo installed.

Anyone. How do I get into comodo to change settings when its slower than snail poop in winter? It literally will not let me in. If I disable the suite on startup I have no issues. I would like to use it since the firewall is great but not at the expense of a non functioning system.

I use CIS V12.2.2.8012 on Windows 7 64-bit and it works nicely on my end.

You could try to import a default configuration file into CIS to reset all CIS settings and see if that resolves your system slowdown.
You can find the default configuration files on your file system here: "C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security"
and then choose and import one of these files:

COMODO - Firewall Security.cfgx
COMODO - Internet Security.cfgx
COMODO - Proactive Security.cfgx

It got so bad I had to use the Comodo uninstaller. I reinstalled but now the comodo box flickers black. Its the only program doing that. WTF?

Do you perhaps have dual or more displays attached to your computer and using a graphics card for that?

No, NVIDIA GT540M. No issues except with COMODO. Now its getting slow again and the buttons are getting unresponsive or taking a long time…

Did you install any other software just before this started to happen that might be conflicting?

No, Ive been having issues with this for about a month and it came out of the blue. Maybe it was an comodo update?

When you didn’t had the issue some months ago when everything worked fine were you using the same graphics card (NVIDIA GT540M) and same graphics drivers back then as you are using now?
I suspect that your graphics driver has been updated which doesn’t play well together with CIS, but it is just a guess.

you have probably have one integrated gpu which comes with your cpu and dedicated gpu which is gt540(M)obile
it’s already reported and known problem with dual GPU yet not got resolved and better not expecting to get resolved


Thanks. I ended up finding that the NVIDIA GPU driver updated. So I rolled it back to the previous version and all is well now.