COMODO CIS + bsplayer

I don’t if this right place to post a bug. If it isn’t, please, move to right section of forum.

  1. CPU 2.8 Pentium 4 HT (32 bit)
  2. Win XP SP2 (32 bit)
  3. CFP, updated to 3.5.54375.427, NOD32 2.7.39 (antivirus)
  4. Launch ANY video-file in BSPLAYER 1.00 build 810, and bsplayer immideatly exiting.
    OR Launch bsplayer 1.00 build 810 - Preferences - Clicking on “Audio” - and bsplayer shuting down immideatly
  5. No steps to resolve founded. Only upgrading bsplayer to new one (I’ve tried with 2.32 build 975 - everything works fine)
  6. Firewall - SAFE MODE, Defence+ - CLEAN PC MODE

If you trust bsplayer as a program, you can flip Defense+ to Training Mode, then load up the program. Go through your routines; play a video, play some audio, access an Open File dialog, close the program. Flip Defense+ back to your previous profile and it should load without issue.

As I said, newest version of bsplayer fork fine. Old one - doesn’t want.
And before upgrade old version of bsplayer worked fine and had all privilegies.