comodo CIS and Perforce

Hi Guys,

I just started working remotely for a new company, and I’ve just reinstalled windows 10 pro as I’ve had so many issues.

For work, I connect through Sophos SS > Perforce.
Sophos connects fine, but Perforce will not connect with Comodo CIS running (I’ve tried disabling each feature one-by-one, but it was still blocked). What setting is blocking the connection?

Thanks so much for any info, I’m trying to get my computer setup over the weekend.

If you disabled the firewall and still can not connect, then CIS is most likely not blocking it, which means windows firewall probably is. You would need to disable windows firewall as it does not get disabled when CIS is installed.

That did the trick! Thank you so much! As it only worked when I closed Comodo, I thought it was that. :o