Comodo CIS and AirVPN Settings/Rules?.

Hi, I am a long time Comodo CIS user but nonetheless did something stupid when I updated Comodo. A couple of weeks back I downloaded the latest version 8.0 iirc. Instead of installing over the top of the previous version I went for a clean install. Prior to this I copied the rule I had made for my qBittorrent client but stupidly forgot to copy my rules for my AirVPN installation. I followed the instructions at these forums for a clean install and used Chiracs walk through posted at Gizmo’s site to set CIS up. I then added the rule for qBittorrent to the rulesets screen. Everything worked straight away and before connecting to the internet I opened up my most used programs and set them accordingly, ie IE11 & Pale Moon as browsers, SAS & Malwarebytes as Allowed etc, etc. On first reboot after install I had a bit of a conflict with AirVPN attempting to connect and Comodo stopping it. I set the permission for AirVPN as an allowed application went online and all was well. I did the DNS leak test from the link at the AirVPN forum and there were no leaks and qBittorrent connects through the designated port I had set.
While I was at the AirVPN forums I saw the link to setting it up with Comodo and that was when I remembered that I had done that with my previous Comodo install v7xxxxxx. It had been a pain then as it was pretty complicated for a non tekkie like me, but I persevered and through trial and error over a couple of days I got it working satisfactory. Since the install of CIS v8, other than setting AirVPN as an Allowed Application I haven’t added any other permissions or rule sets etc. Everything seems to be working okay, there are no DNS leaks etc but today while looking at the Comodo GUI screen I noticed that I had 65,147 Network Intrusions, when I checked what they were they are all from my PC to the AirVPN server I am using at that time. I also noticed that there are three programs being sandboxed of which one is CMDVirth.exe and two examples of svchost. As i say my PC appears to be working as it should but after seeing these two items I am unsure. Could one of the mods/experts let me know if this is normal behaviour and if not what I should do to remedy said situation. Again many thanks in advance for your replies.

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Is there not even a mod that can give me a reply to this post?.