Comodo Chromodo 43 is now available for download.

Hi All,

Comodo Chromodo is now available.

This release will update existing users via Chromodo’s update system.

What is new?
-Chromium code base 43 has been added.
-Portable Mode has been added.
-DPI crash issue has been fixed
-Clear At Exit Feature has been added.
-Several bug fixes has been implemented.

Thank you for your all feedback for COMODO Browsers. We really appreciate all of your contributions to provide you a great browser.

COMODO Dragon Browser Ver_43 will be released very soon.

Please keep the feedback coming, positive and negative.


Alp Eren,

excellent job guys!

the auto upgrade from v42 fails!!, so have to download the cripple v42 again to repair, but still failing to upgrade,

Could you be so kind to make an option to disable “Enforce secure connections” module? It clutters address bar with lock icon and is of no use because there’s firmly established HTTPS Everywhere extension which provides the same functionality to deal with secure connections.

What’s the download link?

The setup is propagating to CNET. We’ll update with the download links as soon as it’s complete.

Great, now supporting h2 (the final version of HTTP/2: chrome://net-internals/#spdy) and Upgrade Insecure Requests (Upgrade Insecure Requests Sample).

Thanks dev’s!

Is the Logjam vulnerability fixed?

Or do we still need to add this to target: --cipher-suite-blacklist=0x0004,0x0005,0xc007,0xc011,0xcc15,0x009e,0x0039,0x0033

No it isn’t. I guess it will not be fixed until Chromodo/Dragon 45, when it is fixed upstream, in Chromium.

BTW, you need only to blacklist DHE-ciphersuites that are supported by Chromedo: --cipher-suite-blacklist=0xcc15,0x009e,0x0039,0x0033


Is there any way how to disable these extensions? Can’t remember if they were before vers.43! 88)


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Not sure, not tested yet, but if not work to remove in extensions, may try in about:plugins

Beautifull thing. :slight_smile:

Will Chromodo everytime earlier released as CD?


Download Chromodo

Timestamp: 18 iunie 2015 / SIZE: 51.8 MB

MD5: 3D40EE1778CBA7B3797654BDA58161A4
SHA1: 3B86798C584552E9AC9638C92B88624495CDD330

[url=][font=trebuchet ms]VirusTotal[/font][/url]


Timestamp: 18 mai 2015 / Size: 50.1MB
MD5: F3F4648248ACA1CF67911644AFCFADB6
SHA1: 16C2580122EB088F2CE23B407CB8CFCCF1EDCD9F


Just stumbled upon this article recently: Google Chrome Listening In To Your Room Shows The Importance Of Privacy Defense In Depth

And here we have both “Hotword triggering” and “Chrome Hotword Shared Module” alongside “Google Now” extensions. (EDIT: and all are enabled for incognito as well)
On the chrome://voicesearch/ page, “Microphone” and “Audio Capture Allowed” are both set to “yes” as well.

In Dragon v42 we have only “Google Now” extension and the suspicious voicesearch definitions at the moment.
I hope this google’s surveilance-ware can be removed from the upcoming releases ASAP.

I agree, at least an acknowledgment from Comodo staff that they are looking into it would be enough for me at the moment.

How could I remove “Enforce HTTPS connections” component while you’re supposedly implementing an interface option to turn it off? Simple removal of the folder “Chromodo\User Data\Components\https_enforcement” doesn’t help as it appears again in the same place and loads as well after browser has been restarted.

Excellent job
Still looking for download link for Chromodo v43.x
Can you help me please?

Hi Brozilla,
I have to admit I am not sure why you would prefer to use a 3rd party extension instead, that is your personal choice and no explanation required. :wink:
Force Secure Connections-Comodo Help
To remove the HTTPS enforcement component, with the browser closed remove the folder you suggested and also remove the ‘https_enforcement.crx’ file from the following location.
C:\Program Files\COMODO\Chromodo\extensions

Kind regards.

Hi biteater,
I have sent Staff a PM asking for an ETA on when the download link might be added.

Kind regards.

Chromodo download link:;msg811108#msg811108