Comodo changes Network Settings for sharing

Why does Comodo change the Network settings for File Sharing and Network Discovery after being installed and after being updated to On?

I’m talking about the settings found under:
Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network and Sharing Center\Advanced sharing settings

Comodo Internet Security changes the settings to “Turn On File and Printer sharing” and “Turn On Network Discovery” under Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Is this a bug?
I manually change these settings to Off after installing windows, and I manually change those settings to Off after installing Comodo, because I know that Comodo does that.
However now I think Comodo changes those setting to On even after program Update :confused:

Is this a feature or something? How do you turn this off?

I’m not really clear whether this is intended or not, certainly CIS switches off the Windows firewall, but this does sound quite interventive. I’ll move this to help for the moment, in the hope of some feedback from Radaghast or Ronny, who will move it back again if they think it’s a bug.

Hope that’s OK


I give up :slight_smile:
Yesterday I manually switched them off and they are back On again :slight_smile:
I want you to know that I’ve used ESET Smart Security for years and such behavior was not present there.
Good luck!

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