Comodo CFP and NAV Corp 10.0


I was wondering about compatabilty between NAV Corp 10.0 and CFP. NAV 10 has some sort of firewal bult into it is there any need to disable this option in NAV.

also I was wondering about compatability with Antivirus software and CFP 3.0 w/HIPS

I hope the statement below does not mean that you are trying to replace AV software but only add another layer of enhanced security

Also I agree with the people wanting to keep COMODO CFP some what light right now I can understand it easily and backing up and preserving setting is easy. Lets not make the registry overbloated and impossible to understand.
But I still say (R)

Thanks Opus Dei
Freshman at Malware Removal University

Melih have often said that they don’t want to force users to use program X or program Y. The user should decide what they want to use, and I am sure Comodo always will work towards that.

And I am sure that they don’t want to replace anything…just give the user some options, and more security.