Comodo Certificate Information dates not valid

I downloaded several Comodo Internet Security and Comodo Firewall some from this forum and some from when I checked the properties and digital signatures all were expired either april1, 2014 or april 1, 2015. This is April 25, 2015. The latest version wasn’t even released until after April 1, 2015. What gives? I didn’t install any of them. In fact, the version I had on my computer disappeared 2 days ago. My windows security said I had comodo firewall, but I couldn’t find it. Comodo tried to fix it and couldn’t. Finally ran Comodo Clean Essentials, it found 12 threats, which were all comodo. Go figure. So I clicked to fix and it they got fixed. No longer there. Neither was Comodo. Am using windows firewall until I can find a valid date for CIS.

Did you ever figure this out? I can’t believe that you’ve had 1334 people view your post and nobody has had a suggestion for you. Have you found another forum where you’ve had better luck? I’m not impressed with this community so far.

The latest installer of CIS and CPF has a valid date:. Get it from Comodo Internet Security (Windows 10 Version1511 Hotfix) is released!.