Comodo CAVS 3

Hello . I’m a new member in this great and friendly community (:WAV)
Straight to the point - I was using Comodo CAVS 2 for a long time - uploaded a lot of suspiciuos files and I just loved it, till I got infected really badly (:SAD). I understand, that it’s beta and the detection rate is not very good.
Now I moved to Vista, and I’m very happy with Comodo Firewall 3 (also using Memory Firewall), but there is no CAVS for Vista (:AGY). I read the forums and seems Comodo is developing CAVS 3, whitch supose to be much much better then CAVS 2.

WHEN it will be released ? Because CAVS 2 is in beta stage since 2006. (:SAD)
I really wan’t to use only Comodo products, because they are really good, especially the firewall and BoClean. (L)

I know I should not be complaining about anything, because Comodo products are free for life, and the staff has lots of work to do, but is it really worth waiting for CAVS 3 soon, or I should go for Avast or something ?

Sorry for my poor English (:WIN)

(V) (B)

So far there has been no date released for CAVS 3 - after some hints from Comodo staff it is hopeful it will be released as a beta that is close to completion very soon - maybe even this month. In the meantime I am using Avast free edition as a temporary solution for Vista and it seems to play along nicely with CFP3.


Thanks. Well then I’ll just wait for CAVS 3 without any antivirus.

Anyway - it doesn’t matter if I get infected. I will reinstall Windows, when Vista SP1 is out (:TNG)

I too am looking forward to SP1 ;D

Maybe even this month!!! can we quote you? (:WIN)

I think Comodo Team is waiting for Vista SP1 to come. :SMLR

And that is logical, because this would prevent the issues that can occur after SP1 if Comodo releases CAVS 3 before. (:WIN)

:Beer Cheers !



Whatever anyone says (this far) regarding release date, it’s with fingers crossed. (:WIN)

I would rather expect the new version this month than during 2009, at least. (:TNG)


I think if you use CFP 3.0 and CAV 3.0 together the great advantage will be the prevention a clean pc because defense+ helps to protect you for old and new malware.


Yeah, that’s why I want Comodo Firewall and Comodo Antivirus. I want to be all Comodo, because Comodo products make me feel safe. Not like when I was using Eset Smart Security. (Firewall is equal to none - took me 3 min to crack it, spyware protection is mediocre and probably the only good thing that it’s light on resourses. Sorry if offended someone who is using NOD32, but that’s what i think (:AGL) With Eset Smart Security I felt like I was naked (:LGH). And I’m not Eset hater. I don’t even hate Symantec, because Norton Internet Security 2008 was working fine for me (:SHY)
Hell I confess - I don’t even hate Microsoft (:TNG). People don’t kill me please ! (:AGL)

So I’m eagerly waiting for CAVS 3, Go Comodo Go ! Like in Queen song - I want it all, I want i all and I want it now (:LGH)

P.S. Just wanted to say that is great to be a small part of this friendly community. And have you ever seen that a president of Norton or Panda or something would help and speak in the forums ? I haven’t (:WIN) (Kaspersky sometimes gives speeches and stuff, but Kaspersky’s forums aren’t as nearly as friendly as Comodo’s.

Respect and good luck to Melih and Comodo Staff :Beer (V) Good Job ! (:KWL)

Yes, we all are waiting for CAV 3.




I’m Waiting for Comodo CAVS 3… Any news for this?

Still waiting. (:WIN) Hoping for an outstanding product. :BNC (L)

Everyone is waiting anxiously :slight_smile:

Including my self…

Patience :slight_smile:


Dont hope to much of it…you’ll have to wait about 4 or 5 weeks after the Final Release’s, So all the errors and Issues are fixed :slight_smile: Then you can hope for a outstanding product

Sure. I understand. But it’s no big deal. (:WIN)

If it’s only 4 to 5 weeks. Not like Comodo CAVS 2 in beta stage for 2 years. No offense Comodo. (:AGL)


Love you Comodo. (L)

so CAVS 3 will be ready for vista too ? i thought it’s still for XP. well, good to know.
maybe i’m a little bit too late, welcome waterWall (:WAV)
when CAVS 3 comes out, pls get in line behind me ;D
(:HUG) welcome

Well it should be ready for Vista. :BNC I really hope so :SMLR. It’s would’t be too smart of Comodo to release a Firewall for Vista (even 64 bit ! ) and not releasing CAVS (:LGH)

And thanx Ganda. :Beer

(:LOV) being here. :SMLR

P.S. I would get in line behind you - “cuz you are Comodo’s hero and I’m just a newbie” but I don’t promise (:TNG)

i love you man! ;D

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(psst, let me teach you to become a hero too, just reply every post with LOL or smiley ;D , you’ll get there soon )

You cheater ! (:TNG) (:LGH)

LOL ! (:LGH)