Comodo .cav file download

When I run killswitch Comodo downloads the whole .cav file instead of just updating it. Does not ask me if I want the download >:( and uses up all my bandwidth >:( which is expensive on my contract.

I then do a search on the c: drive and find I have 3 different named .cav files all over 270mb in size. :-[

Now why does Comodo keep downloading the whole 270mb file again instead of just updating the difference?

How do I stop this?

Here is the location of the 3 .cav files and their sizes.
C:\ProgramData\Comodo\CCE\scanners bases.cav 277.123kb

Also this one in same folder b0021735.cav 273.329kb

and this one
C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\scanners bases.cav 275.924kb

It really makes me mad :o and I feel like just uninstalling Comodo.

Fix it so it just updates the difference to the main file and not download the whole file again everytime I run Killswitch! :-TD :-TD :-TD

No replies?

Well I hope this gets fixed in a future update of Comodo!

Should not be downloading the whole cav file again and again each time I run Comodo cleaning essentials.

Make it so it just updates the .cav file with the changes! :o