Comodo Causes Blue Screen With Avast Antivirus

I am posting this as Comodo Firewall has caused a Blue Screen.

  1. I was performing a Boot Scan with Avast, when scan was completed it stated continue to boot into windows. At that point a blue screen came up indicating windows was shut down to prevent damage to my computer. A mini dump was logged in.
  2. Sent a support question to Avast along with mini dump for analysis, the report came back not Avast problem but the problem exists in “inspect sys driver” which points to comodo firewall.
  3. How do I correct this problem???

What version of Avast and CIS are you running and what components of CIS are active?
Can you please attach a zipped version of the minidump to the post.

I had installed Avast version:
Comodo Version: 5.8213334.2131

Attached is zip file of mini dump info

Will await your response thanks

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Can you please upload minidump files themselves rather than debug output?

Hi Egemen:
I have uploaded the mini dump files on this issue. Please advise appreciate your help ;D

**** File at bottom of this post *****

Here is a question and answer by another person having the same problem
Question: Howdy, I have a HP dv6 series laptop running Vista Ultimate x64 with 320GB HDD and 4GB RAM. I downloaded 64 bit Windows 7 from the Microsoft website, burned to DVD and installed as an Upgrade. It took almost hour and half to finish the installation after transferring settings and profiles. After rebooting the system it would go as far as “Starting Windows” and will appear with a BSOD error informing a problem with inspect.sys file. I have tried numerous DVD’s and three different computers and have the same problem

From what I have been able to find, the ‘inspect.sys’ file is associated with the Comodo Firewall program.

You might want to remove this application before attempting another install of Windows 7, there are probably some incompatibilities involved.

I would suggest downloading and running the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor on that system. This utility will generate a report that identifies any known software/hardware/driver incompatibilities that may be present.

Hope this helps.

Thank You for testing Windows 7
Ronnie Vernon MVP

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I am an engineer of COMODO, and I have read your message about BSOD, but I can’t reproduce the issue and can’t get valid information from minidump file.

I will send you a test patch, please help me to reproduce the issue while capturing kernel dump file.

Please do it based on following steps:
0) Please modify system advanced setting for capturing kernel dump file of BSOD;

  1. Unzip the attached file(password: comodo);
  2. Replace %SystemRoot%\system32\drivers\inspect.sys with unziped inspect.sys
  3. Reboot the machine;
  4. During reboot process, please click F8 to select “Disable driver signature”.
  5. Re-do AVAST operations, if BSOD occurs, please zip the dump file and send it to me.

My MSN: If you have any question, please inform me ASAP.

Rick ■■■■

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Try the previous advice, first when that’s done look at this video

Just a follow up for the members, after exhausting all the solutions I uninstalled Comodo Firewall. Than I did another boot scan with Avast and everything ran perfect no BSD…So the problem was definitely caused by the driver which was in Comodo Firewall. That is saddening to say the least as I like both software’s but they don’t co-exist. :frowning:

they can look at the video I linked to