Comodo caused all kinds of problems on my SP3 machine... Help plz!


I installed whatever the latest version of Comodo was on the site last week onto my SP3 machine after reading a positive review. After installing though I noticed some weird things happening. Namely, even if I completely disable the software, or even uninstall the software, certain programs are being blocked somehow. What I mean is if I am using software and within that software the “Help” window is supposed to access the internet, it can’t - and I just see white space instead of the help page. Also, I have a program that has a clock in the upper right hand corner – and after Comodo, the clock is now blank, and all of the web-page functions of the software do not work (i.e. accessing that program’s “my account” page). These programs can still connect to the internet, but its just these seemingly HTML related functions that have been disabled since installing Comodo.

My main concern is these problems have persisted after uninstalling Comodo. Even reinstalling the affected programs has not helped. I really, really do not want to have to format my computer to solve this. Any suggestions?

Thanks, and I’m sorry if this is posted in the wrong place… Wasnt sure where to put it.

List of affected software:

Windows Doctor: Once it finishes the scan, instead of letting me “fix” whatever problems it found i get a error box pop up with an “ok” button, and if I click ok it quites the program

Cake Poker: Can no longer access “my account,” “cashier,” or any of the other tabs. Clock is missing. Online poker functionality is intact, but none of the account services. Uninstall/reinstall didnt change this.

Ninjatrader: Can’t access help files.

Pictures attached. I’m sure there are more problems that I haven’t discovered yet.

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Have you tried this?

Yeah, none of the files it says to remove are still there. I haven’t bothered with the registry section of that yet.

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My God!
Shall I never get rid of this ■■■■■■■ product?