Comodo can't be activated sometimes?

Sometimes whenever I wanted to start-up my PC, I get a pop-up screen saying that Comodo firewall isn’t activated and re-installing it would solve the problem. Since Comodo isn’t activated my Internet is being blocked (I’m actually happy this occurd cause I don’t want my internet to work if my firewall isn’t activated). After reboot (not re-installing) Comodo works, however once in a while (around once in two weeks at most) I get the same problem. Is there a reason why I’m getting this? I’m using Windows XP SP2 Along with avast! antivirus.

Thank you in advance. :slight_smile:

Anyone? :-[

I was unable to activate V.2.0 on the initial install, but rebooting solved this. I am unsure as to why you are still having this problem. Are you using registry cleaning, system freezing or simular software?

The only tool that I use for registry cleaning is the Issue tool in CCleaner.

Also I have another question:

During boot up to the Welcome Screen on my Windows XP, is Comodo Firewall still protecting me during that time before I log on into my Windows Account? :-\

Secure the host while booting Comodo Personal Firewall will block all connection attempts until the system is up and running.
Security > advanced. hope this helps. tim

I kinda assumed that Comodo will only start once I log into my account. ;D

If this feature is active it will probably add a little extra time to boot up. Hope this helps, tim

Hi, I’ve got the same problem with avast! and cpf. The only way I could make it go away is by unselecting the boot protection in cpf. It seems that when avast! binaries are forked by services.exe and cpf by explorer.exe, the combination seems to work. Both of them binding at boot time never worked for me 100%