Comodo Cam Mode?

So, I was digging around in my registry and came upon an unusual find.


Inside there is a key called “cam mode.” What exactly does that do?

If it is what it sounds like, then I’m definitely uninstalling. To me, it sounds like it can access your desktop and either take screen shots, or view it like a webcam.

Anyone know what this is about?

Welcome to the forums SHR.

Cam is more likely to represent Comodo Anti-Malware than camera and CIS doesn’t take screen shots anyway. I also don’t think it’s really that meaningful, or useful, looking at the registry names/keys to try and determine CIS’s functionality. You’re better off looking at the help documentation.

However, if you cannot trust CIS, which it doesn’t appear that you can currently, then my advice would be not to use it. In my opinion, you shouldn’t use any security software that you cannot explicitly trust.

PS And before you ask, I have no idea what “ModeAx” is either. But, I can assure you… there are no axes involved. :wink:

edit: poorly worded sentence corrected (sounded somewhat insulting on reading again).

I agree with kail and I assume it means Comodo Antimalware.

I think it’s the Comodo Access Manager module that CESM uses for the different CIS profiles.

mod edit: typo fixed. kail

Guys, who is developping CIS? ??? If you are not sure, who can be sure about what’s that? ???

Come on, I trust Comodo and I’m very happy with CIS, but this is not the way to get new customers…

They are not developers, they are moderators, they don’t do the coding and they simply give their thoughts.

Btw I think if Comodo was trying to peep on webcams you wouldn’t find such an obviously named registry key. It’s most likely short for something as stated before.

They are volunteer moderators, not involved in development of CIS in any way…

Us moderators are not Comodo employees. We are volunteers and end users like yourself who happen to have the moderator badge.

I sent egemen a pm asking to comment on it.

Exact same thought.

Bad Comodo. :-TD ;D

What are you trying to establish here?

  1. this isn’t true
  2. if you don’t trust a security product, don’t use it. But don’t go trowing in negative things you know that aren’t true.

Was only a joke. :cry:

Okay, But I missed it completely :-
Please beware that this is an international forum and that there are possible language barriers etc that can cause other users to easily misinterpret what was written.

If there is any piece of “software” that should be deemed as “untrustworthy”, that would be All of Microsoft’s Products! Plus, you all need to use some sort of common sense and “morality” when using your computers. Why do I say that? Because I know it first hand that, every time you turn on the computer, the FBI (or higher) knows your every track, and has a list of them!


Good advise, I should really start looking into Linux instead of Windows since Microsoft products are “untrustworthy” Problem is that most games aren’t made for Linux and running them in Wine gives me bad performance. =/

Also, freaking aliens man!
Nah kidding, I doubt the FBI is monitoring me since it would actually mean they are spying on other countries, just saying that dealing in those areas could be very bad for them if it ever got out. However I do use VPN with encryption and get notified on each connection to my PC (Can get VERY annoying sometimes)
Or perhaps you were just making a joke when I took your words literally… I don’t know it’s 4am give me a teddy.

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