Comodo Browsers only.

This topic is only to vote for your favourite Comodo browser.

This Topic is created solely for the purpose to show your choice.
In no way will the development of either be effected by your vote or by each other as they are produced by two different Comodo development teams.

Do vote for your favourite Comodo Browser and post reasons (If desired) in this topic.

Do not post for help, suggestions, bugs, etc, please use the correct sections of the Forum corresponding with the appropriate Browser for this.

Do not compare with other Browsers, this is for your choice of Comodo Browsers only.

Thank you from Captainsticks.

I personally still have a soft spot for the original Comodo Dragon (My vote), although I think Comodo IceDragon is a great addition. Edit: Slight re-wording for clarity.

currently i like dragon more. the interface is great, i dont like the ice dragon interface to much. i think with some time icedragon will be great.

Thanks for the reply wasgij6.

Thanks to all that voted.

Not as many votes as I was expecting, but it does appear as if the original Dragon is out in front at this time.

I voted for Comodo IceDragon because it is more configurable than Comodo Dragon.

I am referring to about:config settings in Comodo IceDragon and GUI customizations,
themes and personas.

Thanks Leon, yes CID is more play full. :wink: