Comodo browsers are a joke!

I installed Dragon because Chrome takes too much hard disk space. Bad decision, the first time I logged in to Twitter, Dragon froze when trying to open attachments and displayed a “an extension has stopped working, wait or close pages” message several times in a row. Next, I went to Ice Dragon only to find that I can’t import bookmarks directly from Dragon. If this is a joke it’s not a good one, fellows. Goodbye.

Ah, no joke my friend. What you happen to be experiencing here is the ID ten T error, also known as PEBKAC.

I could go into explaining possible external causes for what you are experiencing with Dragon, or how functionality works in IceDragon, but you are too dumb and rude to understand or listen.

I never post on these forums, but I read quite a bit of it. I have chosen to give you this accurate information that the very professional Comodo support people wish they could say.

Good Luck!

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