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Themes for Comodo Dragon and Comodo Chromium Secure!

Comodo Dragon Original Old Theme v1.3!

MD5: FD78AB8AF71E1572B1E9213C12A7FC84
SHA1: 97C5A779A3793DB19658470B0451E4763F621067
CRC32 (ISO 3309): DEBAA966

[url=;msg787310#msg787310]DragonthemeV1.2![/url] / [url=;msg786742#msg786742]DragonthemeV1.0![/url]

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Updated, thanks!

Comodo Dragon Theme - New Theme with Classic Dark style.

It’s the new “Light” theme mixed with the “Old Dragon Theme”.
Classic colors, slightly more streamlined, improved “incognito” colors.
Decreased opacity and some shadows tweaks of the background comodo logo.

(Theme’s .crx MD5: c4cef86af7aa5465db6c607d0929551a)

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Black Carbon Theme (NEW!)

VirusTotal -

MD5: 3B3AF422690ADD144A0B411DDF675C87
SHA1: B6290139E91DEC86E4A6E3D0B9382C7CCA8BDA3D
CRC32 (ISO 3309): 822FE011

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Black Carbon Theme is so good! thank you bluery :slight_smile:

@bluery, you are doing good, keep it up! :-TU

Here’s a tip for anyone who wants to get the default chromium theme, delete or move the dragon theme file located here
“C:\Program Files (x86)\Comodo\Dragon\extensions”.

Reload your Dragon browser, and it should be at the default chromium theme. You can also select “Restore to default theme” in your settings if you had a different theme.

These are nice!

Any thoughts on posting them to the Chrome web store, Chrome Web Store ?

(You might need to remove the Comodo logo first, of course - trademark/copyright issues and all that.)