Comodo BOClean v5..?


PS: Laconic (:KWL)

Hey, Look here :slight_smile:

Thanx Kyle, I’ve read that thread some weeks ago, but didn’t come to a conclusion :slight_smile:

I think once CIS comes out of beta, work on BOClean will start.

I think it probably already has ;).

This is what Kev told me last week :

  • Everything is going to the AV right now, including the guys he needs for the coding.
  • So BOClean is on-hold for now since 4.27 is fine aside from a few minor issues.
  • There is the possibillety of a .28 revision, but like the earlier versions, nothing new will be added.

So we have to wait :’(

Greetz, Red.

Well it seems to be very soon then!

…or not!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, there will be a standalone version.
I messaged Melih about the packaged installer about a month or 2 ago… and suggested individual installers… There are no plans at current for individual installers for the “modules” included in CIS. :frowning:

We only don’t know when :-\

Greetz, Red.