Comodo BOClean submission address [April 2008]

[27 April 2008]

[last edited 05 May 2008]


I understood that the submission address has been changed and that it is now:

malwaresubmit[ at ]

Cheers, Jan.

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How to submit :

Send an email to above mentioned email-address.

Zip the file, which you want to submit.
Then password protect that zipped file with the password “infected” (without quotes).
Add that zipped and password protected file in the attachment of your email.
Include that information (that the file is zipped and password protected with the password “infected” (without quotes)) in the body of your email.

submitting possible false positive :

The subject line of your email should contain the words “BOClean FP” (without quotes).

Kevin explains here why:

For anyone who's seeing this, submit a copy of the file in question to the address up above, along with a subject line of "BOClean FP?" and my lab guys will check it out. The subject line though is extremely useful to avoid confusion as the lab input for ALL COMODO products all goes to that common lab address so that everybody in each department gets a copy of it so it's most helpful for them to pick up on it being a "BOClean issue"

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I can tell you that in the next few weeks the whole BOClean forum part will be updated and get a new and better layout :slight_smile:

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Thanks Red and Josh !

I have just edited my posting to add an explanation about how the subject line of the email for a possible FP should look like.

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and I have edited the posting again, trying to make it more clear.

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