Comodo Boclean question on protection [resolved]

I just downloaded the new version of Boclean and i just installed it.

I noticed there is not a scan option but i read that Boclean does not scan right?

Anyways how can u see if Boclean is working and protecting my pc?

I am using Comodo Boclean with KIS as well

Just install and forget! :slight_smile:
when there is a problem BOClean will inform you…

Its a Memory Monitor… it monitors the memory all the time about any malware and will catch them before they can do any harm.


Hi All,
should you place all your security programs in the Program Excluder.

You should have an icon down in the tray, Chaos18.


For what reason? I’ve run BOClean for years and my program excluder is empty. You only need to exclude programs if there is some type of conflict.

i may be asking a stupid question… but I cannot find Boclean 4.23…

Any link I’m missing?

Harry (:NRD)

Hi JimmyD,
Thanks for the reply, I thought is was like a trusted zone.

Here ya go:

I suppose it could be used for such but people may get “excluder happy” and start putting everything in there, which could limit protection.