Comodo BoClean OS Compatibility??

(:WAV)  I have found both the following in different parts of  BOClean Site and am confused.

Having found this one first…

“BOClean runs on Windows 2000 Pro, Server, and Enterprise Editions, and Windows XP Home and Professional Editions. BOClean’s functionality will work at any patch level, with or without service packs or patches since their original installation as well as all service packs and patches released by Microsoft over the years. BOClean also supports the LITESTEP replacement Windows Shell.”

I proceeded to make announcement of World Famous BoClean now Free on a tech talk board pasting the above info as full listing of compatible Os’s. :SMLR Lamented it was not suitable for older OS’s which I know many readers of that board have. (:SAD)

Since then, I have come across this info here also…

" BOClean runs automatically in the
background without interfering with your work and kills malwares
INSTANTLY the moment they activate without giving them the chance to
invade your machine. BOClean also eliminates the need to stop what
you’re doing to secure your machine after it’s too late. >>>BOClean works
with all versions of Windows95,98,NT,2000, ME and XP (with or without
service packs). <<<Unlike antivirus programs, BOClean will actually shut
them down and destroy them without the need for you to seek out the
method of removal or risking dangerous editing of your system’s
innermost configurations. BOClean requires no technical skills and
handles detection, removal and repair of your system automatically."

Please confirm which is correct so that I may post a correction to my announcement adding other OS’s if correct.

I have been an admirer from afar and am ,so far, very pleased with the program now that I have it installed. :BNC
Thanks in advance for your thoughts!!! :Beer Sandy

See the “New CBO 4.24 will be out soon” thread …

Am I glad to see you! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply, Kevin!! That clears things up considerably. I’m awaiting 4.24 with
abated breath!!! Others also I’m sure . Onward & upward my liege!! :BNC

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