Comodo Boclean Anti Malware

Hi there.I have used comodo Boclean anti malware for a while and really like the program.I know that Boclean is now no longer updated/supported as a standalone product.I have comodo firewall but have a paid for antivirus that I am very happy with.I was wondering if there is anyway I can install Comodo antimalware on it’s own without installing CIS as I can’t install 2 antivirus programs.Thank you.

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The development of the standalone version of Comodo BoClean has been halted. There will be no updates anymore for that version. As you know, it’s now integrated into Comodo Internet Security.
There is no way I can think of to just use the BoClean protection part of CIS alone, I’m sorry.

You can of course search for an old version of BoClean and install it, so you will still be protected against older virii, but it’s not really sujested.

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Comodo Volenteer Moderator

Hi there.Thank you for the reply.Is there a way I can install CIS but without installing the anti virus part of the program?


yes you can. Simply download CIS and when installing uncheck the Antivirus engine. This will make sure that you install the firewall only.

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HIWATT, if you choose not to install the antivirus, then the “Boclean module” will not be active, no way around that unfortunately.

Most anti-virus these days include anti malware. I hope it is the case for you. May I suggest that you install CIS, including the anti-virus. You can always set the anti-virus status to Disabled, this way it will give you the option to perform manual scans if required.


Thank you.I’ll give that a go.I didn’t realise that Boclean was a part of the antivirus in CIS.I thought it was Boclean antimalware/antivirus/firewall.I really liked Boclean as a standalone program for extra security.I’ll try installing it and deactivating the antivirus.Thankyou.