Comodo blocks trusted files but dont show in log


Im having some inssues with comodo internet security.I use the lastast version of CIS clean instalation default configuration on windows 7 ultimate x64.

For example when i try to install or update things like:
NVIDIA GEforce Experience / drives
Flash player
Razer Synapse mouse drive
Microsoft silverlight
Or open a simple program like prezi (offline compiled .exe flash presentation)
comodos blocks and shows nothing on interface / logs, i know its comodo because i have tested disable all modules and install / execute apps again and its still blocked. It only works when i unstall comodo (i have tested unstall and install again, when i install again all apps work before the first virus database update / computer restart) .
I have tested on other computer with win 7 x64 and have same behavior

Searching on other forum i have found some1 with same inssue: