Comodo blocks rundll32 (shell32.dll)


recently i had a problem that i don’t have acces to rundll (shell32.dll). Everything in the control panel, that depends on shell32.dll did not work. At the end i disabled the firewal and and the problem was away. So comodo must have blocked it. As i don’t know much about this firewall it would be pleasent if somebody could help me to set my firewall the right way.

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Don’t know if you still expect an answer but I ran into that problem today and here’s how I fixed it.

I went to Defense +

Then in the tasks menu on the left, picked Advanced
Then Computer Security Policy

Find the line where it says %windir%\system32\rundll32.exe and click edit.
In Use a predefined policy, choose LImited access and that will let you run it as usual.

Many thanks !!!
That worked for me (:HUG)