Comodo blocks me from downloading uTorrent

So I wanted to download the latest uTorrent version, but I can’t because of this:

How can I unblock it?

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You can try the following instructions:

[ol]- Open the main CIS GUI.

  • Click Tasks next to the green arrow in the upper-right corner.
  • Expand Firewall Tasks and click Open Advanced Settings.
  • In the new window, click Website Filtering in the left menu.
  • Click Categories.
  • Right-click Exclusions and click Add > Add Website.
  • Type in the URL to whitelist, to make it easier you may simply use
  • Click OK on all relevant CIS windows and try refreshing the website.[/ol]

If you want you can also set it up to ask you in the future (so you get the option to add it to the exclusions from the alert) to do that you can follow there instructions:

[ol]- Continuing from #4 in the steps above (Website Filtering window)

  • Right-click Blocked Sites and click Edit.
  • Under Restrictions you should see Everyone & ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES and a blue text on the same lines that says Block - Click this blue text and then click Ask from the options.
  • Click OK on all relevant CIS windows.[/ol]

It’s not working.

Go to the Website Filtering options again and make sure that you also have an Allowed Sites rule that is enabled and over the Blocked Sites rule, also right-click it and click Edit and make sure that you can see Exclusions in the list and under Restrictions it is set to Allow.

If the above is right then you can also try restart your system just to be on the safe side.

If all of the above is right and restarting doesn’t help then could you go to the Website Filtering options again and then go to the Categories and expand Exclusions then take a screenshot and post it here?

If you still cant get it right for some reason, heres a link for the newest utorrent :slight_smile: