Comodo blocks from execution ATN Soft Key Manager

Last Comodo blocked from execution ATN Soft Key Manager without any messages, questions and logs. ATNSOFT Key Manager — Key, mouse button and key combination remapper and action assigner Disabling Comodo didn’t help. Only uninstallation helped.

Hi Shahi,

I have moved your report to the help board first, before we conclude this is a bug we need to verify a few things.
And besides from that we need more details for a bug report as requested in this post Bug reporting format

Did you try to set ‘Disable Defense+ permanently’ + reboot and see if that helped?
If that does help you can try to add the executable to Defense+, Settings, Image Execution, Exclusions?

Just tested KeyManager and it worked fine. It wasn’t recognised by CIS and probably would have been sandboxed (dependant on configuration) as a result. It probably wouldn’t have worked at all in the sandbox, but once I had moved keymananger.exe to the Trusted Files it worked without any issues.

Note: CIS 5.8 can be installed/configured to blocked applications silently without bothering the user. But, I believe that CIS would have still generated Event Log entries which would have indicated what the problem was.

Thank you for your answers. Adding keymanager.exe to trusted files did nothing. But then I added keymanager.exe to Defence+ → Defence+ Settings → Execution Control Settings → Detect shellcode injections → exclusions. Now it works. The problem is solved.