Comodo blocks file, even RMB isn't working

I was trying to install drivers, but when i clicked setup, my new comodo antivirus has blocked the file…
Now even right mouse button on the file doesn’t do nothing.
Somebody can help ?

Did you get any popups from Comodo?

Yes, there was a popup, but i didn’t even have time to click it.
Also it probably wasn’t interactive as I saw.

Was it a popup from the antivirus component?

Please go to Antivirus => “Quarantined Items”. Then let me know if there are any files in there.


Antivirus and Defender had no files, only the restart of the system helped,
it doesnt make sens when its working like that…
maybe the option of Defender to learn will solve problems like this

Can you please post a screenshot of your logs for both the Antivirus and Defense+?