Comodo blocks Call of Duty 2 Modern Warfare

When attempting to run Call of Duty 2 Modern Warfare, screen blanks and system locks up. Even cntl-alt-del doesn’t work.

Turning off Comodo and programme runs fine

Real time virus scanner set to Stateful

Defense set to both Safe Mode and Training Mode. No change.


Probably because of a firewall alert, run FW & D+ in training mode, start the game, do what ever could cause network traffic, check for updates etc and close the game, now set back FW en D+ to it’s previous settings and all should be fine.

Currently CIS is not capable of showing alerts while gaming in full screen mode, that’s causing this.

I play MW2 without any problem.
MW2 rocks!
You must follow my process.

1.Run MW2 single play, Multi play with “Traning mode” for a while.(both ‘Firewall’ and ‘D+’)
2.quit the game.
3.go to CIS
4.make iw4sp.exe(Single play),iw4mp.exe(Multi play) to “Trusted” in the “Network Security Policy” and
“Computer Security Policy”
If you already did No1, No2, start from No.3.

After the above.
Make mode to default.
Firewall: safe mode
D+: Clean Pc mode

hey i installed comodo directly without any mode switching, and call of duty modern warfare runs smoothly on it, i recommend using comodo latest version.