Comodo blocks bluetooth GPRS web data [Resolved]

I am setting up a new laptop (Win XP HE SP2 etc) and have installed Comodo Personal Firewall. It works fine via my wireless router for both email and www using Thunderbird, Firefox and IE.

I am now away from home and trying to get it working with my Nokia Bluetooth GPRS phone. Email downloads fine using Thunderbird but when I try to view any websites using either Firefox or IE it appears to find the site OK but nothing appears in the browser window which eventually times out. If I quit the Comodo firewall and run the Windows firewall instead everything works fine.

I’ve checked the forums and knowledgebase but can find no mention of this problem and also looking in the Comodo manual provides no clues that I can see. Any help and/or suggestions would be gratefully accepted.


Hi and welcome at the forums (:WAV)

Try to disable “do protocol analysis”. Maybe the problem is there.

If it does not work disable “Block fragmented IP datagrams”, and try again.

Hope ti helps,

ps. Please post again to tell us if any of these solves the problem, so that others can benefit too.

Hi Panagiotis,
Thankyou for your suggestions.
Your first suggestion to switch off the Protocol Analysis was sufficient to solve my problem.
I have now been able to switch back from the Windows Firewall to the Comodo Firewall.

Once again thankyou for your help,

You are welcome :Beer

Glad to see it resolved the problem