Comodo blocking YTD.

The site is youtubedownloader, and i’m not sure why the program/setup is being blocked. Some antivirus have it just listed as an unwanted program, and the other leading antivirus do not have this blocked. Of 60 or so antivirus programs, only 9 are picking it up as a kind of malware. Has there been in depth research to why it’s being treated as trojan/malware?

This is to inform you that the file you have submitted has been checked and it is not a false-positive. It was found to be a Potentially Unsafe Application (PUA). If you plan to further use this application, you can add it to your “Exclusions” list.

Best regards,
Andrei Savin

That’s unfortunate. There aren’t applications like it. By that logic though any website with an ad should be blocked as well, since it’s “potentially unsafe”. Any detail on what exactly makes it an unsafe application?

Hi Ardeof,

A combination of collecting information about user and ad-related activities were present with this application. This resulted in the necessity to inform users who do not want such activity on their systems; further it’s users decision whether to allow such activities or not.


At one point or another it contained 3rd party bundled pieces of software that try to install during installation. Clearly falls under PUA in my opinion.