Comodo Blocking websites randomly

I’ve been using Comodo for a few months now and for some reason its behavior has started to change recently. I don’t know why, but it has started blocking a website called, which is just a simple webcomic site.

I know the site works because I can get to it on computers without comodo installed.

But for some reason whenever i try it on my main machine, i get a message saying that the website does not exist or cannot be found. I didn’t even make any changes to the system

Is there a way i can set comodo to allow websites that i want it to, because this is extremely annoying.

Or even better, is there a way to set comodo so that it doesn’t interfere with my internet searches? All i want it to do is monitor the connections coming from my computer and ask me if they are allowed or not, I don’t need an internet watchdog.

If you can please help then I would really appreciate it.

Also, i am a rather unskilled user compared to most people on here, so if you are going to give me instructions then PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD spell them out as if you are talking to a moron.


Do you have Comodo Secure DNS enabled? This was an option during the install.